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A321XLR is the new pride of Airbus

The aviation industry and aircraft manufacturers are constantly striving to develop and design new aircraft that will offer better, safer, more economical, and more comfortable air transport. It was on these efforts that Airbus developed the new A321XLR aircraft model. As a logical step in the development of the A320…

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TTBW is the future of commercial aviation

If you are a fan of aviation, you are probably also a fan of science fiction. But even if you aren’t, we’re sure you sometimes think about what kind of novelties and surprises await us in the future, thanks to driving technology. Commercial aviation has survived the hard days of…

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SAF is a potential solution for green aviation

The negative impact of modern civilization on the environment is growing. Pollution is a serious threat and is already threatening life on our planet. The environmental impact of air travel is also notable, and it is growing very fast. One of the answers is a large investment in the development…

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