Nikola Vuković


Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Poente Technical, the combined personality of enterprising and contractor spirit with commercial understanding. Nikola holds Part 66 B1/B2 licence for Boeing 737NG and 737MAX.

Predrag Aleksic

Predrag Aleksić


Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Poente Technical, high leadership skill and reliable decision maker. Predrag holds Part 66 B1 licence for Boeing 737CL, 737NG, and Airbus 320F.


Dušan Simonović


Founder and Chief Development Officer of Poente Technical, experienced manager in the enterprising sector. High skill in the financial field, with a huge knowledge of business development.

Ewelina Elder

HR Administrator

The main administrator of our HR department in Poland. Well organized and multitasking person with high skill in labor law and the internal policies.

Darija Barjaktarovic

Account Manager

The graduate of Law, Public Administration, and Security. Taking care of front office data, recruitment process and candidates pre-selection.

Matija Ribaric

Key Account Manager

Key support in the front office, responsible for communication with different clients, delegated for capacity of production and man power issues.

Nikola Pažinović

Resource Partner

The leader of a production process and key support in the provision of qualified personnel. Nikola holds Part 66 B1/B2 licence for Boeing 737NG and 737MAX.


Filip Slijepčević

Recruitment Manager

Provider of qualified personnel and main support in training sector development. Filip holds Part 66 B1 licence for Boeing 737CL and 737NG.

Stefan Stanković

Management Consultant

Organizing and executing assigned production projects on behalf of clients according to client’s requirements. Stefan holds Part 66 B1/B2 licence for Boeing 737NG.