Nikola Vuković

Nikola Vukovic


Founder and CEO of Poente Technical, in charge of the organization management and company development.

Predrag Aleksić

Predrag Aleksic


Founder and COO of Poente Technical, in charge of fixed price projects and production management.

Dusan Simonovic

Dusan Simonovic


Founder and CDO of Poente Technical, in charge of financial field and business development

Darija Barjaktarović

Darija Barjaktarovic

Account Manager

Darija is account manager, in charge of front office recruitment management.

She is taking care of numerous clients and all managing processes related to production needs.

Matija Ribarić

Matija Ribaric

Key Account Manager

Matija is key account manager, in charge of front office management.

He is responsible for communication with numerous clients and taking care of all production needs.

Filip Slijepčević

Filip Slijepcevic

Recruitment Manager

Filip is recrutment manager, in charge of technical recruitment.

He is responsible for candidates selection and analysis of documentation.

Stefan Stanković

Stefan Stankovic

Production Manager

Stefan is production manager, in charge of assigned on-site projects.

He is taking care of project planning and all organization processes.

Marina Kvrgić

Marina Kvrgic

HR Administrator

Marina is HR Administrator, in charge of front office administration.

She is responsible for contractor care and engagement processes.