Open Day Belgrade

Recruitment event – Belgrade

We are delighted to inform you that Recruitment day in cooperation with TUI Engineering & Maintenance was very successful. We thank all candidates and appreciate your interest in this event. It was a great pleasure having you with us and we are looking forward to future cooperation.

Airbus - Europe strikes back

Airbus – Europe strikes back

During the pioneer days of the commercial jet age in the 60s, the global aviation fair was ruled by Boeing and Douglas Aircraft, two American companies. Although Europe has had a great influence on aviation with the beginning of the century, over time, America as an industrial power has increasingly seized primacy. European countries have…


We are privileged to inform you that Poente Technical in cooperation with TUI Engineering & Maintenance is the host of the Recruitment day in Belgrade on October 22nd.   This will be a great chance for you to come along and meet TUI representatives and have the opportunity to start your career right at TUI!…

Work and Live in Brussels

Work and Live in Brussels

Most expats relocating to Brussels find it relatively easy to settle down in this international city, which is not only the capital of Belgium but also one of the “EU capitals”.  People are usually open-minded and friendly. When greeting someone hello or goodbye, you normally kiss one cheek. The population in Brussels is about one…

London Excel

Poente Technical is going to participate in this year MRO Europe Event in Excel London

It is our pleasure to inform you that Poente Technical will be present at this year’s MRO Europe Event in Excel London. Come and visit our lounge at largest MRO conference and exhibition in Europe.   We are going to present production solutions and our unique approach in providing professional staff with huge knowledge and experience. Visit our…

history of Boeing

Boeing – Establishing aviation for 100 years

We are going to continue with a remarkable history of Boeing, a story about building one of the greatest companies of nowadays. William Boeing resigned as the chairman and sold his stock in the company after accused of developing a monopoly.   But the firm foundation was established, and the company starts growing, changing and…

William Boeing -Making of History

William Boeing – Making of History

When the war in Europe was ceasing and military production decrease, production of civilian aircraft was possible again. A large number of new airplanes and airfields equipped with the latest technology were developed during warfare.   William Boeing was a visionary businessman and pioneer in the field of aircraft manufacturing. Guided by his steady hand, a small airplane manufacturing company was…